I am honored to be a part in your well-being

2/15 Thank you for the wonderful massage! If you enjoy a very deep-tissue massage, nothing comes close to the Art of Ashiatsu in Duluth. Laura A. Duluth

I just had my first appointment with Christiane for an Ashiatsu Massage and it was fantastic. Christiane’s deep tissue techniques are wonderful providing deep pressure and relaxation at the same time.  I have a history of lower back pain and she thoroughly worked the tightness out. If you are in Duluth Mn or area I highly recommend Christiane if you are in need of an incredible massage. Thanks Christiane, you have a new client. My body felt so good when I left. I look forward to my next session.  Schedule your massage today! Peter S.

3/15 “Entspannung pur……einfach traumhaft!” K.H.

05/15 “I love Christiane’s healing touch! Great service and technique.” W.B.

05/15 “I really value Christiane! Her massage leaves me relaxed so I can fill up with new energy!” I.H.

“Had my first massage today – the Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga) – it was the BEST massage I have ever had! Went in a bit skeptical and left a raving fan.” C.C.

“I am blown away by my recent Ashiatsu massage with Christiane! Previously, I never, ever considered getting that type of massage as I had back surgery and suffer from chronic pain. When I called to book a Swedish massage, Christiane filled me in on the benefits of Ashiatsu and I nervously accepted. However, there was NO reason to be nervous – it was the most fantastic massage I have ever received!! Christiane takes excellent care of her customers and provides a soothing, complete spa experience. Her techniques are deep yet never painful, and have significantly reduced my back pain over the last few days. I can’t wait for my next one!” L.J.

I had my first Ayurvedic massage on Sunday. It was a rainy, windy day outside, but the room and table were nice and toasty warm. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Christiane made me feel at ease and the space was so calming, it really made me feel like I was in a safe environment where I could completely let go. The massage was just incredible! The long, soothing strokes made me feel so relaxed, and that relaxation lasted throughout the entire night. I had the rest of my day free, so I was able to leave the sesame oil on my skin and hair for several hours afterward, and really let it soak in. It was amazing. Thank you Christiane! It was just what I needed 🙂 I can’t wait to go back!! N.S.

LOVED my massage with Christiane! The Ayurvedic oils were the most luxurious ever!! Definitely recommend her and her amazing, relaxing place! 🙂 See you soon! S.J.

Best massage I have ever had, hands down. I went to Christiane for a traditional massage, and was blown away. I look forward to returning and trying out the more specialized styles that she offers such as the Ayurveda Massage. Thanks so much! E.F.

The massage was EPICly wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you! E.H., Yoga Teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Christiane. She has a very nice touch, professional demeanor, and an inviting office. I was particularly impressed with her care and perfect pressure on my neck and feet. She knew just how much pressure was right and her hands found all the knots. I felt so good afterward that I couldn’t stop smiling. Thank you! S.D. , Yoga Teacher

Thanks for the wonderful sessions yesterday. Afterwards I took a yoga class and together, they left me pain-free! T.A., Professor Medical School

My wife provided me with a one hour massage for a gift. I was a little nervous coming into the session, but my therapist put me at ease immediately by communicating everything that I could expect from the session by creating a good environment for the therapy session. She did a wonderful job of working out years of tension and stress from my body. I was impressed with her combination of strength, skill and gentleness. My neck hadn’t felt so good in at least 5 years. JP.R.

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  1. kerstin hoffmann says:

    Es war einfach unglaublich entspannend. Noch nie so eine Massage bekommen! Kurz gesagt…….einfach traumhaft! Danke dafür und ich komme wieder!

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