she lets her past rest

there is no magic spell to heal or change the past. believe it happens for a reason. don’t mess with it, worse can happen. she lets her past rest.


because soon enough we’ll die

she doesn’t waste a single moment to love. she always loves fully. she can’t help it. are you ready?


my name it means nothing, my fortune is less

why do they need to choose to grow up

“Choosing what they want to do with their life is like trying to watch a YouTube video. When their halfway through the video, they glance over at the sidebar and see something else recommend which seems more interesting.”

(c) Kiki Ers (Healing Lair) ~ 2015 my son at Cabin, Clear Lake Minnesota (no filter)
(c) Kiki Ers (Healing Lair)
~ 2015 my son at Cabin, Clear Lake Minnesota (no filter)


your path

copywright: Kiki (Healing Lair) Ers
(Berlin, Germany) walk by lake ~ copyright: Kiki (Healing Lair) Ers

her path may not be your path. it is important to believe and trust that all have a path and that it will present itself in our lifetime. you can’t help but follow it. you won’t always understand. sometimes you will wonder if you are crazy. don’t worry, go with it. don’t fight the current. flow with it. your path, crooked, bumpy, roadblocks, construction, smooth. it will all show up for you and you will always find your way. trust that, it was meant for you.