massage your kids

Besides the whole body massage, my kids love their head scratched! Don’t be afraid to give it some pressure; however, be careful with those little heads and don’t push to hard! Make small circular back and forth motions with your fingers so that the scalp really moves!
I include the ears and the face as well! Of course, once you get to the face your massage becomes more gentle. It is so sweet to see them melt like butter with my touch. The oils used here can be a variety–anything from almond, coconut, baby or olive oil will work. It is so good for blood circulation and also brings shiny hair and nourishes the roots. The head massage can be done on a separate occasion, say before a bath if you want to be able to wash out the oils.
I also feel that massaging kids is not only good for their relaxation, but teaches personal boundaries and body awareness (which as not only a mom, but also a Yoga Teacher, is a huge part in my everyday life–teaching people to become ‘aware’ that they in fact have a body and how to feel it. Appropriate respectful massage teaches your child at a young age about what is good touch and how to develop a positive body image, which I feel can only help them in their future relationships.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Massage ensures the relaxation and induces sound and healthy sleep. Really! This works wonders…
  • It gives beautiful, shining and healthy skin. I usually use some sort of natural Oils…like baby oils. Sesame oil is a really nice massage oil as well.
  • Massage decreases pain, as it releases endorphin (the body’s natural pain reliever).
  • It helps in the growth of brain development, sensory integration, colic relief (if you have a baby), sleep regulation and enhanced verbal and nonverbal communication of your child.
  • Research has shown that children who are massaged on regular basis show decreased levels of stress hormones.
  • Children who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, diabetes and chronic pain show less anxiety and increased well being after massage.
  • Research has proven that massage enhances bonding between mother and child, as touch conveys nurturing and love.
  • The gentle art of massage will help you to build stronger health and intelligence in your child.